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is your responsibility, then you are at the right place!

Why would you chase after flags or flagpoles, if those will go to you? We have the solution! What do you need? Flag, flagpole, flag holder, mobile display, commercial flag, beachflag, banner.


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Advertising flag

Flagpole and flag holder

Advertising stand

I need a corporate or national flag, indoor or outdoor, but how much does it cost?


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I only need a flagpole or a flagholder, can I get them separetly…?


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I need a professional display for corporateevents or exhibition!

It is quite easy to purchase in our online webshop! Choose the product you need, pay for it, and within 6 working days from receiving your order we deliver it to the given address. There are no delivery on weekends and holidays!

Attention! You need to know that this textile material of the flag is colourfast, made from a special painted raw material. That is why it does not fade or tear, like other corporate flags and banners. Both the flag and the textile banner can be washed in machine at 30 degrees. See more about flags here: How are flags made?

You will definitely not find anything like this, unless you travel to Switzerland and stop on the way in Germany for the canvas. Purchase and you will be contented!

You can choose between flags, national flags, flagpoles, beach flags, corporate flags, commercial flags, car flags, table flags, indoor flags, flag holders, EU flags, mourning flags, flags of organisations, banners and flag strings! The following are for those, who are to register to the webshop, otherwise don’t need to read it.

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