Banner stands

Mobile display, banner stand, presentation display

displays stop signs, X- Banner, Roll Up, L  Banner, for trade exhibitions and fairs.


Why do You need a mobile presentation tool?


When your company is presented in a trade fair, choose these very light, mobile presentation tools, which can be assembled in moments to facilitate professional presence of your company and to focus on finding a lot of customers and interested parties only!

Choose the most appropriate advertising stand, download the comparative table here. If you cannot decide, do not hesitate to e-mail indicated  display here.

X-Mobile banner stand presentation series


 X-banners A - B - C1”


Assembly is dead easy: fix the four corners of the advertising space to the ends of the four flexible poles in an X shape, hence the product name, and support it with the footing at the back (see the picture). The whole package comes in a bag, with a folded holding frame, and a rolled-up graphic advertising space. The whole package does not way more than 1-2 kg, and even the prettiest hostesses can carry it.


Advertising banner stand


With this model you can 60 cm wide and 1.6 m high graphics put your best slogan on it with the most attractive graphics and people will gather in front of your stand. The best solution is to display two-three advertising stands next to each other, which impresses your customers and overwhelms your competitors. With this advertising stand your company will be presented professionally, attracting a lot of interested parties. If you wish to know more about it?


banner stand




Adjustable banner stand

for various sizes of advertisements

”X-banners, Adjustable”

If you wish to display larger or smaller advertisements but do not yet know the size ideal for you, then choose the adjustable display. As the fixing points are adjustable, the size of your graphic advertisements can vary between 60 x 80 cm and 160 x 180 cm. The entire advertising banner stand, folded and rolled up, does not way more than 1. 2 kg in a bag. If you have different sizes of advertisements, go for this solution! Would you like to know more about it?

banner stand X

banner stand x1



If you wish banner stand

to have more advertising surface than the average,


”X-banner C Small”

Stand with only 1.8 kg weight, displaying 65 cm x 180 cm advertisements. It may be installed outdoor, and can also be used with a slight wind.

Would you like to know more about ?

banner stand big

banner stand xb




Giant display for

unusually large advertisements


”X-banner C Big”


Impress your customers and frighten your competitors with this huge mobile presentation tool 1.2 x 2 m advertisements. Put a few of them next to each other with the same slogan and graphics to make it absolutely clear for your interested parties and potential customers who dominate the market.


This model also comes in a folded-up stage, in a carrier bag. Despite its huge size, it does not weight more 2.6 kg, anyone can carry it and it is very easy to assemble.

With this advertising stand you will have impressed customers and envious competitors. Would you like to know more about it?


banner stand 1

banner stand 2



Desk display


"Mini X Banner"


If you can your advertisement on the desk of your stand or in your office, you can definitely attract the attention of interested parties and potential customers. They will devote their attention and interest to you; you are only a few steps away from making a sale.


The MIN version of the X-Advertising stand series helps you in this with its 20 x 42 cm stand, weighting only half a kg, available for order.


MINI X Banner 06..jpg

MINI X Banner 07..JPG




Display with a stand,

filled with water


”X-banner with plastic Water -Box”


The X banners can stand some weak wind in an outdoor exhibition, but you do not trust the nature with the professional presentation of your company. If you are preparing for an outdoor exhibition or fair, order also a water box for your X-advertising stand! The best thing is that these water boxes can be fitted to most stands. Therefore if you did not buy your advertising stand from us, the water box is still an ideal solution.


Your stand will stand firmly even if your competitors run around after their own advertising stands in a sudden wind.


You can choose from a grey, yellow, red or blue stand to match best your graphic advertisements. The stand can be disassembled without any tools, just full it with water and use it that is all. You can choose a three- footed stand or a solid stand from our water boxes. Order a water box for your X-advertising stands (if you are taking part in an outdoor exhibition) would you like to know more about it?


X Banner with Plastic Water BOX 07..jpg



Choose a successful display

leaflet holder for it!


"X Banner Material Shelf "


Order any advertising stand and add a special leaflet holder to it.


This A/6 size accessory suitable for string leaflets and flyers can be ordered for any advertising stand, in order to reach interested parties who do not make inquiries in person but are eager to take away a professional leaflet or flyer with them. This is also a small useful customer magnet.







I-Mobile display exhibition stand




With an I-Advertising stand the graphic advertisement fitted between a lower and upper horizontal aluminium profiles is stretched out in the right position for the right display by a vertical, flexible pole. The stand is stabilised with a chromium plated suspension pole adjusted to the lower profile.

It is designed for the display of 1-m wide graphics, but you can extend it even to 3.62 m by applying a few suspension poles. (This is how you can achieve a tight surface.)

All accessories required for installation are provided in a package in a canvas bag.

Weight: only 1,20 kg


Visible size of the graphics: 1 m x 2 m

With the I- Advertising stand you can present your company professionally and attract a lot if interest parties. Would you like to know more about it?

banner stand big





















L-mobile display presentation stand




With an I-Advertising stand the graphic advertisement fitted between a lower and upper horizontal aluminium profiles is stretched out in the right position for the rights display by a vertical, flexible telescope.

It is made of material (oxidised aluminium), which allows for multiple disassembly and assembly even daily for years without changing its quality.

If you wish to change your advertisement in a moment, you do not need any special tools, all you need to do is to release the canvas fixing, and to bring in and fix the new one.

It is designed for the display of 1 m wide graphics, but you can extend it even to 3.62 m, by adding a new additional flexible telescope. (To have a nice tight surface.)

The structure comes in a rigid cylinder-shaped case, which is also suitable for storing the related print. Weight: only 3 kg.

AVisible size of the displayed graphics: 1 m x 2,15 m

With the L- Advertising stand you can present your company professionally and attract a lot of interest parties.


display stand l

L Banner 06..jpg




Advertising stand accessory: light up your display!


"Spot Lamp for Roll Screen"


Spot lamps for ‘L’ advertising stand


Order spot lamps for your ‘ROLL’ advertising stand to make your advertisement even more attractive, attracting more customers. The lamps are 35 W lamps, adjustable in any angle on an aluminium frame, available in black and white.


banner stand lamp




Rolling display


Simplest use of this advertising stand: the graphics are rolled on a cylinder in an aluminium case. Pull the graphics from its case by a profile fitted at the upper side of the graphics and fix it to the vertical pole. The graphic is poled tight with a spring suspending the cylinder, which also rolls up the graphic on the cylinder in the case when it is closed.

Its big advantage is that the aluminium case stores and protects the graphics, when they are not presented or during transportation, therefore it will not be damaged.


This advertising stand also comes in a canvas carrier bag, included in the price..


”Roll Screen - Single”


If your stand is structured in a way that your advertisements do not need to be seen from the front and the back, choose the single roll screen.


dispaly roll up1


Roll Screen display - Double

If you have a site in the middle of an exhibition or you have positioned your advertising stand in a way that interested parties will see it from the front or the back, you should always choose a double roll screen, in which case you can pull out two canvases from the aluminium case.

display roll up