Roll Up Standard

Simplest use of this advertising roll up stand:

the graphics are rolled on a cylinder in an aluminium case.


Pull the graphics from its case by a profile fitted at the upper side of the graphics and fix it to the vertical pole. The graphic is poled tight with a spring suspending the cylinder, which also rolls up the graphic on the cylinder in the case when it is closed.

Advantages roll up stand:roll up stand


  • low price range
  • easy to manage
  • compilation during seconds
  • aluminium wrap

Roll up stand where do we recommend it?

  • promotions
  • press conferences
  • professional exhibitions
  • shops
  • conferences

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Roll up stand technical details:



Visible size of graphics Visible area of graphics Weight of the frame
850 x 1988 mm 1,69 m2 2,45 kg
1000 x 1988 mm 1,99 m2 2,65 kg
1200 x 1988 mm 2,39 m2 3,6 kg
1500 x 1988 mm 2,98 m2 4,05 kg