X Banner

We were X banner

thinking abouta solution how to take presentations of large-size graphics,


so we created  the X Banner that preserve the characteristics from the others like easy manageability and it is suitable for allocation of ostentatiously large-size graphics.

It can be located outdoors and because of the professional formation, it will be resistant against a gentle wind. I guarantee you, your advertisement will emerge from many advertisements if you choose this!

I like it! I would like to order it from the web shop!

X banner function:


  • The flexible legs and back stay-leg are thick page profiles and made of consistent aluminium, the other elements of the frame are chromed light-alloy cast.
  • As each X Banners, at the ends of four flexible legs there are stable fixing points on which you can hang up the eyelets on the corners of the media, so that stretching the graphics to a plane surface by the frame.
    x banner


  • low price range
  • easy to use
  • fast compilation
  • extra lasting quality
  • everyday use

Where do we recommend it?


  • promotions
  • press conferences
  • professional exhibitions
  • shops
  • conferences

 Technical details:

Visible size of graphics 800 x 1800 mm
The area of graphics 1, 40 m2
The weight of the frame 2, 46 kg



You can carry both the frame and the rolled up graphics together in a carry bag where you can store them, too.

Suggestion of media

The X Banner Stand is one of the most cost effective ways of displaying your banners. Made entirely out of fiberglass and aluminum, this banner stand is lightweight yet durable. Our X Banner Stand holds graphics measuring  and is perfect for use.