Beach flag

How about Beach flag pole

pole with 5 years guarantee?


You wouldn't like to drop out your money for a Beachflag, which brokes soon, and when you buy the number one priority is it's quality? Or you are looking for the more simple and cheaper solution? You'll find both here!


Beach flag pole low quality beach flag pole
Low quality beach flag pole:The market is full of these kind of beach flag. They are available in a very good price, but unfortunatley in the long run they are look like the picture above...  Beach flag pole with Corrad quality:the beachflags we offer are thanks to the premium material profile and the unique technology have a very long life, and are a superior advertising face.The satisfaction is a 100% guarantee.


Bowhead Premium Beach flag pole


Would you like to shop at last without any doubt of the quality you are buying? You can relief now, because with the Bowhead Premium Beachflag you'll never face these kind of problems again. This is a unique Beach flag pole in the Hungarian market,  because thanks to it's structure, it will surely outshine both your comfort and quality expectations!

How can we convince You without any words?




Yes, you've red it well, we're not talking to the wind. Because if You order Beachflag from us now, we give You a 5 year guarantee for the pole!

beach flag pole guarantee

Advantages of a Beach flag pole:

  • 5 year guarantee!
  • patented Bungee (gum-roped) system for easy equipping, and against losing parts
  • Hi- Tensil aluminium pole with weather safe coat, which provides at least 12 years long life
  • mobile and light
  • easy to assemble
  • compatibile with the most basic bodies
  • weather safe flag material

If you need it, ask for price beach flag pole here!

If you don't have your own desing for beach flag, we make you one (it's in the price), if you have one, we will use that, you only have to send it to us in the proper format (details here). 

beach flag pole bowhead

Pattern beach flag

beach flag pole pc

2,4 m

3,0 m

4,0 m


Beach flag pole sizes:

  • Premium Beachflag  S     240 x 85 cm
  • Premium Beachflag  M     300 x 85 cm
  • Premium Beachflag  L      400 x 85 cm

Beach flag pole full size:

  • Premium Beachflag S       285 x 85 cm
  • Premium Beachflag M       345 x 85 cm
  • Premium Beachflag L        445 x 85 cm

If you are seraching for the best, ask for an offer beach flag pole here!



Standard Beach flag pole economical


You are a man of compromises?

Then we have a great offer for You:

beach flag pole standard


This Standard beachflag is an ideal choice for people looking for beachflags at a lower price, but quality is still important.


You need the price now? Ask it from us beach flag pole here!

The Standard Beachflag represents a lower quality than the Premium, but even with this, it has a great value-price rate!

Technical details:

  •  4 component pole syste, which is easy to assemble
  •  1,2 mm thick aluminium poles
  •  pole diameter 25 mm
  • flag sizes between 60, 70 and 90 cm
  • Optional extension:with a plus pole part you can have a 95 cm higher beachflag
  • elastic tucker in balck or white
  • can be delivered with different basic bodies


You would like to have your Standard Beachflag as soon as possible? Ask for quotation beach flag pole here!


beach flag pole size

        1              2               3


1. Flag sizes

70 x 190 cm
70 x 260 cm
90 x 280 cm
90 x 375 cm
90 x 470 cm

2. Full sizes

70 x 230 cm
70 x 300 cm
90 x 320 cm
90 x 415 cm
90 x 510 cm

Standard Beach flag pole Types


beach flag pole computer

Pattern download:

beach flag pole size 2

         4               5               6

1. Flag sizes

60 x 160 cm
90 x 250 cm
90 x 350 cm

2. Flag sizes

60 x 200 cm
90 x 300 cm
90 x 400 cm


Standard Beach flag pole Types


computer 2

Pattern download:





Beach flag pole Basic Body


Have you ever thought about how to accomodate your Beachflags with your most persuading advertises?


Here are some tips:


It doesn't matter if you are searching a solution for indoor or outdoor occasions, or even both, because you will find the perfect equipments for all of them.

We offer you a wide selection of basic bodies which can be filled with water of sand, if you don't wan't them to cause any difficulties during distribution! But if you are focused on special matters, you can choose the car beachflag stand, which has a very extravagant look!


stabber steel stand cross stand water ring
Stabber Steel stand Cross stand Water ring
loadable stand screwer car stand loadable stand
Loadable stand Screwer Car stand Loadable stand


If you buy a beachflag from us the standard basic body will be the Stabber, so please tell it in your offer if you would like a different type.