Flag holder

How to choose a holders for yourself among

thousands of flag holder ?


I have good news for you:

we offer you flag holders to four types of places. Well, you can choose what kind of place you would situate your flag holder, and then by the place you can decide which one is the appropriate for you.

You can choose among these types of places:lamp post holder

  • frontal
  • indoor
  • to the floor
  • for the lamp post

I have no time to look through all the texts; I’m rather interested in the prices of flag holders.

flag holder click here.

With our frontal flag holders you will have series of possibilities because you can dispose your advertisement or the logo of your company in different places where you have never thought before.


holder frontage

We suggest you flag holders which can be fixed to the floor in front of companies, offices and shopping centres that are guaranteed not being of your competitors. You can install lots of advertisements on little surface. You will absolutely attract people’s attention!

flag holderflag holder

Last, but not least:

flag holder for lamp post! Use every kind of surfaces towards promoting your product and company! You will be in the centre of attention of pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Simple and practical solution is that its investment is going to return in short terms.

If you have already had a flagpole,

you should know its diameter because not sure your flagpole fits into our flag holder. You can be certain of your choice if you choose stainless steel or surface traeated flag holder  because you don’t have to take care of maintenance. Remain it for someone else! You have already known how to choose one.

Go to flag holder web shop I would like to choose one!

The assembly of small flag holders can’t be problem for you: you need only 5 minutes, 3 bolts and a rock-drill. That’s all!

If you want to fix up a 6m-tall flag to the wall of your building, leave us! In this case our installation group solves your problem.

See my other listings for more  items.  Combined shipping is available on multiple item purchases. Check out my other items!

I would like to ask a quotation for the appropriate large flag holder.

It's flagpole hardware like it ought to be. Flagpole brackets don't have to be wimpy. This is my favorite stainless steel flag holder.

adjustable flag holders






The large consoles for the wall need attention because at red or orange alarm (at dangerous weather conditions) you have to revoke your flag on the flag holder so that not causing neither human nor property damage!


By the help of indoor flag holder youcan be the Negotiators’ king!

It provides you professional and uncompromising appearance in your office! Of course, here you can find more options as well.

Indoor flag holder webshop: click here!


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