Wall mounted flag holder

Would you be glad if your customers squeezed because they saw your advertisements

hanging on the

wall mount flag holder?


Wall mount flag holder,

you can forget about the regular maintenance!

How easy could be if you didn’t have to repaint or sherardize your flag holder, couldn’t be?

If you order a galvanized wall mount flag holder you don’t have any problem with the maintenance, but you only need to assemble it for 5 minutes, 3 screws and a drill. You can choose among single, two-forked and three-forked flag holder.

If you don’t want to have rust on the sides of your house, then you can see here our particular demand and you can buy wall mount flag holder from the web shop as well.


wall mount flag holder stainless stainless flag holder 2 stainless flag holder 3



WBA-1 wall mount flag holder:


Did you spend a lotwall mounted flag holder of money on outdoor advertising and nothing was successful? Did you invest more and more and it didn’t turn out to be effective? Have you tried everything and you are still unconscious what you should do?

Wouldn’t be fantastic as a consequence of your advertisement, people crowded next to your door? If you didn’t have to explain your action because everybody would see it in large size by our wall mounted flag holder. The services of your company would be advertised pointedly.


There are two different types: one is perpendicular to the front and the other choice can be the parallel one to the front.


I like it! I would like to ask for quotation to the WBA 1 wall mount flag holder.

wall mounted flag holder2






WBA-2 wall mount flag holders:

Would youwall mounted flag holder3 like to attract the attention of the pedestrians in the downtown?  Would you like to court your future customers into buying in your huge clearance sale? Don’t wait for that event, when people walk away before your shop because you can outstand with the wall-mount flag holder from far away.


Just have a look at the picture on the left: how attractive it is! What do you think you would have realized the advertisement of the company without the two flag holders?
You can settle for example a 6 m-height advertisement to the frontage.


Notice! The large consoles for the wall need attention because at red or orange alarm (at dangerous weather conditions) you have to revoke your flag on the flag holder so that not causing neither human nor property damage!
 wall mounted flag holder4 wall mounted flag holder5


I want to outstand from the others, so I would like to ask for quotation of WBA-2 wall mount flag holder!



WTA-2 Wall mounted flag holder :wall mounted flag holder6

Use all surfaces you have, so that advertising your company! You have every possibility with the help of our wall mounted flag holder which is parallel to the wall.


We take care of the installation; your only task is to drag in if the weather conditions aren’t corresponding! Do you need it immediately?

Here, you can enquire about the price flag holder.


wall mounted flag holder7