Fibreglass flagpole

Ground mounted fibreglass resin flagpole on stock!


Do you want to save the transportation costs fibreglass flagpole?

The right way is to the stock from where you can take it away immediately!

fibreglass flagpole
If you need a flagpole that not just hanging outside and you don’t want to waste your time by the maintenance and installation and you like changing your flags during seconds, here you are at the right place.


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Several years of experience we offer you the most suitable flagpole: You can download here the installation guide for the poles if you like doing it yourself.

Here you can see the selection:

  • Fibreglass flagpole with an external rope, when the rope is outside the pole
  • Flagpole with an internal rope, the rope is inside the flagpole.
  • Truck part of the pole to which the flag is tied
  • Wind leaver is a leaver at the top of the flagpole, onto which the flag is fixed with
  • Flagpole size: 6-18m


 flagpole rope

Further possibilities for you that helps making your flagpoles more unique:flagpole rotator

  1. Flagpole with hand crank
  2. Flagpole with an external rope
  3. Flagpole with an internal rope


In the image here is the windrotator!







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You can choose the colour of the finial to the pole:


flag pole finial

  • gold
  • silver
  • white

You can also select by the shape:

  • onion
  • mushroom




colours flag poleIf you don’t like to own a white flagpole we create you in that colour which is the most appropriate for you but with extra charge.You want to save the distribution cotst? Then you should go directly to the warehouse and tke it by your self!