What would you say

to a flagpole that

requires little maintenance and satisfies your corporate image requirements?


You do not know where to buy a flagpole from and time flies? You have visited the websites of many companies producing flag pole and people ask view questions about which you did know anything? Would you also like to have with a flag pole? You do not need to make separate phone calls for everything, you can order the flag pole and flag from us.


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various types of flagpole


 Ask for an offer in the wide range of flag pole here.

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Would it not be fantastic in the end that you do not need to ask for bids from other manufacturers, as you can choose from the offer of 2 manufacturers here. Choose a flag pole of 6m 8-10-12 or even 18 m, it is not a problem for us! Would you like a coloured flag pole instead of the ordinary white one? It is also possible. Order now! Based on base material, you may choose aluminium, stainless steel and glass fibre artificial resin poles.


flagpoleInformation for

you about flag poles:

  • Flagpole with an external rope, when the rope is outside the pole
  • Flagpole with an internal rope, the rope is inside the flag pole.
  • truck part of the pole to which the flag is tied
  • wind leaver is a leaver at the top of the flag pole, onto which the flag is fixed with a bag
  • staff ornament is the ornament at the end of the pole, which may be ordered in different colours and forms
  • bolted mounting on the ground, in which case the flag pole may be tilted
  • case-mounted into the ground, in which case the pole cannot be tilted


Would like to

install your own flag pole?


Chose your pole and download the installation instructions!


wind leaver

rope solutions

finial flagpoles

flagpoles ground base


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