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What about a flagpole parts - flagpole general which fits your needs?


You don't know where to buy your flagpole and you're running out of time?Did you check a lot of websites and they even asked you a lot of questions?And you also want a flag to your flagpole? You don't have to call for each item separately, we arrange everything for you, flag and flagpole as well! We will choose the best for you from the supply of the companies listed below.


Swedish and German manufacturers flagpole general - flagpole parts


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Wouldn't it be fantastic if you didn't have to ask all the manufacturers forflagpole parts quotations separately? You will find the offers five flagpole manufacturers here. Choose the size of your flagpole from 6 meters up to 18 meters, it surely won't be a problem for us! Do you want to mark out from the see of flagpoles or you just want a more colorful one? This is possible also!For the material of the pole you can choose from aluminium, stainless steel and fiberglass.

For choosing from our wide selection, you must now the following information:

  • Flagpole parts with an external rope, when the rope is outside the pole
  • Flagpole parts with an internal rope, the rope is inside the flagpole.
  • truck part of the pole to which the flag is tied
  • wind tracker is a leaver at the top of the flagpole, onto which the flag is fixed with a bag
  • finial is the ornament at the end of the pole, which may be ordered in different colours and forms
  • bolted mounting on the ground, in which case the flagpole may be tilted
  • case-mounted into the ground, in which case the pole cannot be tilted
  • Cleat is the object you fix to the rope

You dont have to call for both products, from us you can order them both!