Mobile flagpole

How to gain a lot of customers by the help

of the mobile flagpole?


mobile flagpoleYou found the solution. If you don’t have the possibility to settle the flagpole into the ground, this isn’t a problem for us!

If you advertise outdoor then choose the “Peragon” mobile flagpole. Its aluminium pole consists of two parts and the sole is galvanized steel. Onto the sole you should put concrete counterweight so that not leaning away. The altitude of the mobile flagpole is 6-7 m. You can use it even in a container park or a staging area or at other events.

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Important details for the formation of the elements of Peragon:


Maximum flag size (width x height = m2)
Up to 6 of wind-strength
Up to 8 of wind-strength
Altitude of the pole
Altitude of the pole

Vertical type

1,20 x 2,00 = 3,6m2

84 kg
125 kg
240 kg
330 kg

Horizontal type

2,50 x 1,20  = 3,6m2

Vertical type

1,50 x 4,00 = 6m2

96 kg
140 kg
260 kg
370 kg


mobile-flagpoles mobile-flagpoles2


Technical details mobile flagpole:


Altitude Size Weight Material Diatemer of Pole
 max. 7m 1x1m 40 kg galvanized steel

75 mm


peragon basic flagpole


What is that other flagpole manufacturer companies don’t tell you?

What is the magic in mobile flagpole? 



windy flagpoles

Namely, how I can gain a lot of customers by a crazy idea?


Do you want to own a kind of flag with a pole for indoor use which suggests your advertisement realistically to your customers and not just hangs on the pole but it flames?


Several years ago I would have said that it was impossible. But nowadays it isn’t a problem, here is the future for you, we have many satisfied customers who use this! Settle this next to the entry or in your court-room or at a promotion and you can be sure you are going to be successful. Why? I share with you the secret.


Because the moving subjects attract the glances indoor soon that the standing one so you can be sure you are going to be the first who will be realized!


If you have 230 V near you, the only task is to connect it and the business makes itself operable. The maximum size of the flag is 80x200 cm.

I would like to buy “Windy” mobile flagpole from the web shop so that I would like to be the one, who is realized at first!

windy flagpole2

nozzles for moving the flagpole

windy ground

motor casing


We were thinking about how you can assemble your flagpole easily at different places day-by-day!

flagpole jump

The problem came up earlier and our aim is to contribute to your work or hobby.

The solution is for you the demountable aluminium flagpole which can be transported by car. It can be transported easily onto the roof rack. The weight is 10 kg and the pole consists of 2 parts. You need to have a borer which can be bought in every kind of department. You can choose from these sizes: 6-7-8 m. The installation is about 10 minutes.

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You should do for the installation:

  • By the help of the borer you should stab under 1 m.
  • assemble your flagpole
  • put the pole into the hole
  • You should pour back the soil between the pole and hole and press it.
  • Then you only have to hoist up your flag.


borer flagpole






A small mistake are made by the car showrooms and then it costs much money!

mobile auto flagpole2

mobile auto flagpole

How different should be your sales statistics today if you used this product?


By the help of our car flagpole you can show your offer very efficiently in both outdoor and indoor. It would be shown directly to the target audience.This isn’t a piece of paper on the window, you can highlight your most favourable offer from the mass.


You can order a pole minimum in the size of 4 m and maximum 6 m. For the 3,5 x1,5 m flag you can write either your incredible offer or your promotion of a new type of car.

You can order a wind tracker to the pole which is good because the logo can be seen in calm and indoor. The maximal width of the wind tracker is 1,5 m.




Let’s trample on the “gas” or rather the sole so that doing business effectively!

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If you don't have the possibility to settle the flagpole into the ground, this isn't a problem for us! Mobile flagpole is the best choice for you!