Plastic flagpole

How to buy plastic flagpole without any doubts?

In our shop a kind customer asked a question from us: Won’t this plastic flagpole break soon because of the plastic material?

My answer was the following: This isn’t the perfect product, but a very good one that I suggested you honestly, in that case if you choose this flagpole due to the diameter of the pole and the length with the convenient sized flag won’t be broken. I don’t suggest you choosing the not appropriate flag because if you settle on the pole, it can be broken.

You do not know where to buy a flag pole from and time flies? You have visited the websites of many companies producing flag pole and people ask view questions about which you did know anything? Would you also like to have with a flag pole? You do not need to make separate phone calls for everything, you can order the flag pole and flag from us. Would it not be fantastic in the end that you do not need to ask for bids from other manufacturers, as you can choose from the offer.

plastic flagpole

You can buy your flagpoles in these following sizes:

  • end plastic flagpole1,0 m flagpole
  • 1,5 m flagpole
  • 2,0 m flagpole
  • 2,5 m flagpole in which there is an aluminium insert

Suggested plastic flagpole and flag sizes:

  • 1,0 m flagpole and 40x60 cm flag
  • 1,5 m flagpole and 60x90 cm flag
  • 2,0 m flagpole and 90x150 cm flag
  • 2,5 m flagpole and 100x200 cm flag

Would you like to buy one?

Choose the most appropriate for you!

  1. If you want to buy more than 10 pieces of plastic flagpoles here you can ask for quotations.
  2. Let’s go to the flagpole web shop because of buying the plastic flag-poles immediately.