Wooden flagpole

Don’t buy a wooden flagpole, 

until you read our offer!

If you insist on traditions, here is a possibility for you to choosing steamed beach flagpole which is made by us and you can buy it. We provide you by the procedure of steaming to remain the flagpole straight. Well, getting in the flag pole is your task then you can do it here! We put turned finial at the end of the wooden flag pole so that the exterior becomes aesthetical.

The flag can’t be blown away because under the finial there is a stainless screw which fixes the flag to the flag pole. You can be sure in that the 26 mm-diameter flag pole won’t break easily.



You can choose wooden flagpole among these sizes:

end_flagpolesWooden flagpole size:

  • 1,0 m flagpole
  • 1,5 m flagpole
  • 2,0 m flagpole


wooden flagpole and flag sizes:

  • 1,0 m wooden flag pole and 40x60 cm flag
  • 1,5 m wooden flag pole and 60x90 cm flag
  • 2,0 m wooden flag pole and 90x150 cm flag
  • 2,5 m wooden flag pole and 100x200 cm flag

Here you can choose between the methods of buying:

  1. If you want to buy more than 20 pieces of wooden flag pole here you can ask for quotations wooden flagpole.
  2. Let’s go to the flag- webshop because of buying them.