Advertising flag

How about a corporate flags,

that does not fade or get ruined in a few months?


If you are fed up with that you cannot see prices on any website on flags, and when asking for an offer you are asked about things you don’t know, but all you need are some corporate flags, then here is what you need!


Attention! You need to know, that our corporate flags and advertising flags are made of a special colourfast material. This is why our products don’t fade or tear like traditional corporate flags. Flags may be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees. You will surely not find anything like it, unless you travel to Switzerland and stop in Germany for linen.


 corporate flags


What kind of a Advertising flag do you need?

A row of outdoor corporate flags, so everybody can see from far where to turn into you? Or you need an indoor corporate flag, a table flag, a car flag, a banner, or maybe a beachflag? Whatever it is, with us you can get it in an hour, and you don’t even need to turn to different companies to get flag accessories. 

advertising flag


Horizontal advertising flag - vertical corporate flag


Horizontal is the classic form of corporate flags in the ratio of 2:3 or 1:2. The flag is always fixed to the pole with the shorter side. Like most national flags. Vertical advertising flags is the opposite, it is fixed with the longer side, mainly for outdoor use.

corporate flag horizontal

corporate flag long

Use a long row of corporate flags, so everybody can see from far where your company is, where they can purchase from you.

  1. Choose the material of the corporate flag here
  2. We help you in fixing your flag, this is finishing.
  3. If you don’t have your own graphics yet, we will make it for you!
  4. If you have one, we will use that, you just need to send it in the proper format.
  5. If everything is clear ask for an offer for an corporate flag here!


Flag with rotating pole and corporate flags

If you can set your flags only on a leeward site, choose a rotating flagpole so it will stay unfolded. To the upper side of the flag a pouch is sewn where the rotating component is put, and the flag is fixed with the longer side to the rope. We put some weight to the bottom of the flag so it strains.


corporate flag rotating