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You need a national-flag in high quality?

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Attention! You need to know this!
Our flags are not sewn of more parts! Why is it important? Because flags, which are made of more parts are likely to tear aling the sewing, and it makes them less durable.


In addition, we paint the material, so flags don’t fade easily, can be washed at 30 degrees. Not to mention the type of material, which is a politechnical textile developped espeacially for flags. It doesn’t fray or tear easily! 

british flag

National flag, British flag, EU flag, now you know what you are buying, and you can be sure: this is high quality!


Click here to the webshop, if you have no time or stay far to visit our store! Ask for an offer in case you are planning to buy more that 10 of something. Offers for national flags. If you already have a ground flagpole and need only a flag click here!
Or choose National flags of 211 countries! Here is the list in the websop!

Flag sizes:

National flag 40x60 cm

National flag 60x90 cm

National flag 90x150 cm

National flag 100x200 cm

 national flag

EU flag 40x60 cm

EU flag 60x90 cm

EU flag 90x150 cm

EU flag 100x200 cm

eu flag

Flagpole sizes, wooden or plastic:

1,0 m
1,5 m
2,0 m
2,5 m
 wooden pole pvc pole

How to get national flag and flagpole from us?

1. Online purchase in the webshop: national flags and flapoles here!

2. Ask for an offer in case you are planning to buy more than 10 of something or you have special needs with national flags! 


Before buying or asking for an offer, find out how you will fix your national flag. This is called finishing. Choose from our national flags here!


This is the supply in hypermarkets like Lidl or Tesco!


 tesco flag  tesco flags