Car Flags

How can you advertise for thousands all over the town or the country? Just set the advert to

your car as a car flag.


And if you can’t find your car in the parking area, just look for your car flags. Wherever yor drive, these flags will surely attract people’s attention.
Try it! Order one to your partners car or your car. Ask for an offer car flags here!


Car Flag

  • inexpensive
  • small easy storage
  • falag size 25x30cm
  • plastic holder









But be careful! There are Chinese import car flags, which are likely to bend over a certain speed, as you can see in the picture. Why? Because the diameter of the pole is too thin. Our car flags stand even at the speed of 100 kilometres per hour.


EU Car Flag


Try it! Order one to your partners car or your car. Ask for an offer over 10 car flag here!









Magnetic car flag holders for diplomats


Now an unusal type of car flag have arrived, the diplomat flag. These signifficantly differ from regular ones. Due to its magnetic sole is easy to set up and remove safely. Thanks to its excellent adhession you don’t need to worry it gets off your car, unless you remove it.

You can choose between many types. The EU flag is the basic modell, but you can ask for an offer for chromium or gilt versions. If you need the basic modell immediately purchase it in the car flag webshop!

eu flag eu flag 2
Matt chrome
british flag auto english flag auto
Shiny silver chrome  Shiny golden chrome


Prominence among other cars is guaranteed by this holder recommended especially for diplomatic corps.


diplomat auto flag