Flag string

Flag String Pennants for sourrounding territory, on shows - showrooms.

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You can order as long as you want, they can be triangles or square shaped flag strings.Choose it from the more lasting PVC if you will use the same string many times. If the is needed for an onetime occasion, that it present an action or information then the knitted polyester the suitable for you.





We recommend the following flag string sizes:

in case of triangle shaped 20x25cm


A precise flag string offer: pennats here

flag stringUK


For ultra-effective, extremely affordable marketing that works, streamers and pennants are your best bet. Our string pennant and multi-colored pennant streamers come in sparkling colors. Available in  to more lengths, our pennant decoration selection provides the versatility you need to experience the positive impact of triangle stream pennants or metallic gold decorations that catch the eye and keep it. Take a look, see for yourself and get the pennant decoration that makes a difference.

The most common decorative use for string flags or string pennants is on car lots, generally to catch attention and highlight specific segments of the lot.


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Decorative pennant flags or string flags are sometimes used as part of room designs to create a streamer-type banner effect.