Flag buying, corporate, National – British - EU enisign, table and many more at standard quality for 24 years!

flags buying

The key lesson from manufacturing flags over many years is to use quality materials only,and continuously develop or keep up with the latest technology, technical and innovative solutions in order to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Corporate, national, table, string pennant, indoor, vehicle flags are available at the best quality.

Most products are on flags buying in the web shop!

If you cannot find the flags that you need flags buying in the webshop, and then calculate the price of custom table here and corporate here.


Thanks to two printing technologies, we can satisfy orders of low as well as high volumes. Large-scale jobs are printed by platen printing machine. This is the most common printing technology and has been developing for thousands of years.flags screen flags

It is called screen printing and applied to the following products:
•    corporate flag for pole
•    British, EU, black flag
•    string pennant
•    indoor flags

Screen printing is cost-efficient for orders of minimum 40 flags (depending on flag size).





Low-volume orders are printed digitally. Virtually, this equipment is a textile printer connected to a computer. This technology is a recent innovation and has been developing remarkably.
It is applied to printing the following products:
•    string pennant flags
•    national flagsflags digital printing flags
•    vehicle flags
•    table flags
•    indoor flags

Flags are efficient and evergreen means of advertising
•    varieties of flags: flexible and cost-efficient solutions
•    flags that catch your eyes
•    flags mediate emotions directly