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Table Flag - Desk Flag

How to build your firm’s image with small investments?

If everything is ready to a meeting, the future costumer and the irresistible quotation, there is one more big step before doing business: your firms flag on the tables in the meetingroom. Definitely shows professionalism and grade.

The raw material of the desk flag is bright satin.
Table flag holders are available in different design. Look at our offer here!

Choose between the table flag shapes below. Standard size is 25 x 15 cm.


table flags

You wouldn’t believe, how much business has been done for those, who already use desk flag.

Try it! Order one, set up the desk flag in your office or the meeting room. Go to the webshop to get one or ask for an offer for unique desk flags. Unique desk flag are available only in packs of 10 or more.

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Great table decoration:

Table flags - desk flags

If everything is prepared for a bidding negotiation and you have a potential customer and an irresistible offer, you can get one step closer to the deal if your corporate flag is displayed on the desk in your meeting room, suggesting professionalism and importance.

Material shiny satin. You can choose the appropriate shape for your desk flags here. Standard size: 25x15cm.



You would not believe how many deals this tiny accessory has brought to those who use it.

Table flag

Why do not you try it too? Order corporate desk flags for your office or meeting room. Visit the web shop if you wish to order national flag or ask for an offer if you would like to have an individual desk flag.







A desk flag with a cross pole attracts customers excellently both indoor table flag.