Flag confection, i.e., sowing of the flag

In order to be able to use the flag properly, it needs to be confectioned. Each flag type has its own confectioning method. You can learn here the type of confection used for the various types of flags.


Carabiner flag confection Ordinary flag confection for basic flagpoles

The carabine confectioning is used most often for this (illustrated in the picture). A strengthening string is pulled into the carabine, and it is sown twice to the strengthening string of the flag. Thus, you can simply and quickly tie your flag to the rope on the flagpole.






Bagged flag confectionFlag with a bag for a flagpole with a wind leaver. This confectioning is needed when you order your flagpole with a wind leaver. It is very important for you to specify the length of your wind leaver.







Bag with earFlag confection with a bag and a loop for retail set

The pole is let into the bag and the loop is hooked on the screw on the pole. This confection is used on 1-2.5m wooden and plastic flagpoles.






Strenghtening StringDouble loop strengthening string confection for retail set

There are two specially formed hooks on the pole for the two loops for tightening the flag with the help of the strengthening string.






Strenghtening stringUnfolded banner with a strengthening string

You can tie your banner using the metal eyelet illustrated in the picture.







Hidden strenghtening stringUnfolded banner with a hidden strengthening string

This presentation is more aesthetic because the strengthening string does not show on the side of your banner.






With D-ringUnfolded banner with a D-ring:

I also recommend this accessory if you do not like the eyelet solution. You can use the D-ring illustrated in the picture for tying your flag to the pole. It can be used as an eyelet.






With cross wooden poleFlag with cross wooden poles

 The purpose of the cross pole is to unfold the flag nicely between the two poles. If you prefer natural solutions I definitely recommend this. As you can see in the picture the flag hangs on a technical string






With cross steel poleFlag with cross steel poles

As you can see it in the picture, the cross poles are hidden. If you ask for this type of confectioning, you will have an attractive flag. Choose the between the indoor flags confection.