Flag production process

Flag maker - manufacturing process step by step!


flag materialThe textile arrives in bulk at our company. We select the material of the right quality and width for the flag.

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screen puller printingIn the first step we prepare the sieve. Light sensitive emulsion is applied on the sieve textile. This will provide a pattern for printing.







lights down proka In the second step the sieve is lit with the machine indicated in the picture. This creates the printing pattern of the flag.






flag maker screen printingIn the third step we heat up the flag material slightly before it is put on the printing table. This arranges the textile structure and it sticks more to the pressing table. Dye is applied on the flag material stuck to the printing table with a sieve printing process. Then the dyed flag is dried.




Steamer flagIn the fourth step the flag is moved into a steamer where the dye is fixed into the textile. This is the most important procedure because this provides the characteristics of the flag that distinguish it from the other Hungarian producers. Then it is dried again.





CutterIn the fifth step the flag is cut to its raw size using the horizontal cutter shown in the picture.








sewing machineThe sixth work phase is confectioning. our seamstresses sow the flag on sowing machines, in line with the requirements stated in the order.





Flag maker - The seventh and last work phase is packaging.

 All packaging is done according to our customer’s requirements.