Read the feedbacks from costumers who already ordered corporate flags, flagpoles, advertising banners, national flags or mobile displays from us:


Thank you for the professionalism of Corrad Design Ltd, the fast and flexible attitude. It was a pleasure to do business with such a team.
I have ordered beach flags for the new face of Thule Budaörs store from Corrad Design Ltd, and I was absolutely contented. We sell Thule car accessories of high quality, therefore it was obvius to choose a partner providing the best quality. The beach flag is excellent, goes perfectly with our new face and last but not least it is very conspicuous. I can highly recommend Zoltán Nagy’s team, they are correct, reliable and professional.


Tamás Szécsi
Managing director



Áron Blahó – Tópart project


Due to our fruitful cooperation  now over 160 flagpoles flank our site advertising to by-passers: TóPark is being built here – The biggest real estate investment in Europe. Corrad Design Ltd. proved to be the best through their expertise, hard work, flexibility and the high quality of products.


Thank you guys! Nice job!

Áron B.
Marketing manager







Reference from F. Péter, marketing co-ordinator at ExxonMobil Hungária Ltd. (Hungarian distributor of Mobil 1 and ESSO brand in Hungary) of Corrad Design Ltd.


ExxonMobil Hungária Ltd. has a lot of partners in Hungary and in south-east Europe. One of my responsibilities is to supply banners and outdoor flags with various Mobil 1 and ESSO logos to these partners.
In 2004, we made contact with Corrad Design Ltd. because we had received a lot of complaints from our partners about outdoor Mobil 1 and ESSO flags. Unfortunately, earlier I had not been aware that special flag materials were available in Hungary that were sufficiently protected against the weather conditions: the previous flags were almost completely torn by the wind in one year.
After the initial contact Corrad Design Ltd. made the right impression to us: we found a professional, precise and  reliable partner working at fair prices.
I dare say that during our co-operation we have not received any complaints about the products they supplied and the outdoor flags they made stood the weather conditions excellently to the satisfactions of both our partners and ourselves.
Consequently, I can highly recommend the services of Corrad Design Ltd. to everyone.

Budapest, 10 July 2007
Péter F.
Field Marketing Co-ordinator



ExxonMobil Hungária Ltd.



Dear Zoltán,


Europark shopping centre is fully satisfied with your service. We have been working together for more than 10 years receiving the same quality of services in this period. I hope that we will be able to continue our co-operation in the future, and we are planning to use your services in our future projects as well!
Hedviga R.

EUROPARK Marketing Manager



SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft.


Dear Zoltán,

We have had a long-term relationship with Corrad Design Ltd.. I have ordered flags and banners from them for various companies. We have always been satisfied with their services and professional advice. I can recommend them to anyone intending to rely on professional expertise and assistance in the production of flags and banners at fair prices.

Andrea B.
marketing consultant

Kuhn Rakodógép Ltd.


1239 Budapest, Ócsai út 5.



Pioneer Hi-Bren. about Corrad Design Kft.
The quality of the flags our company ordered satisfied all our requirements. Corrad Design selects nice colours and excellent quality of materials and works creatively. However, compliance with the agreed delivery deadline is another important factor, this is why we will choose the services of the same company also in the future.


Pioneer Hi-Bred Manufacturer és Supplier Inc.

Neumann János utca 1
Budaörs, 2040



Dear Mr. Nagy,


You were right! Quality is always worth it! Our client as well ourselves were quite contented with the delivered beach flags. Thank you for your flexibility and exactitude!


Thank you very much!


Your sincenerly,


Balázs Tóth



Dear Zoltán,


We are quite satisfied with the car flags we ordered in May (colourfast, tight, passed the test of km /h). One of our flags has been used internationally in Balocco, Italy on an official program of Alfa Rome factory, where club members were from every part of Europe.


Sincenerly yours,


Péter Schill



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